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by Suzanne

Beautiful Wedding Stationery Guest Signing Thumb Print Trees

Thumb Print Trees are a lovely way of commemorating any special occasion, anniversaries, birthdays and your wedding day!

Every tree is individually painted and can incorporate any personal aspect you like, you can also have your names and the date of your special day  inscribed on the bottom.  The tree comes without any leaves or blossom and your guests bring it to life by adding their thumb prints in a choice of two coloured ink pads.  

The ink is water based so it can be easily wiped off with tissues.

Thumb Print Trees Price Guide

Box Canvas including 2 coloured ink pads your choice of colour

40 x 40 cms     ~     £48 for a party of 60 guests

50 x 50 cms     ~     £60 for a party of 80

60 x 60 cms     ~     £75 for a party of 100

70 x 70 cms     ~     £90 gives space around the tree for written messages!

Unframed canvas board from £35

£3.00 for each extra coloured ink pad

All artwork is copyrighted © by Suzanne Thomson: all rights reserved.

The reproduction of any image in whole or part is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.

Please email with any queries